Winter cooking – culinary workshops with the “Turkey from Europe – under the wings of quality” programme

On 26 February this year, CookUp Studio in Warsaw hosted culinary workshop of the “Turkey from Europe – under the wings of quality” programme, initiated by the Polish Poultry Council – Chamber Of Commerce (KRD-IG). An informal meeting with the participation of culinary and lifestyle bloggers was lead by Szymon Szlendak – the top chef and the project expert.

11 participants who run culinary blogs and portals and Instagram profiles took part in the culinary workshop. The main theme of the workshop was “Winter cooking – culinary inspirations for turkey dishes”.

The adventure with new flavours was preceded by the presentation of the main assumptions of the “Turkey from Europe – under the wings of quality” programme by Małgorzata Reszczyńska, the project coordinator on the part of the Polish Poultry Council – Chamber Of Commerce (KRD-IG). Małgorzata Reszczyńska discussed the main assumptions of the campaign, which include: highlighting special features of the EU agricultural production methods, the characteristics of the EU agri-food products on the EU internal market and a broadly understood education about nutritional values of turkey meat produced in Europe and its quality.

After a brief introduction of the organiser, there was time for fascinating culinary adventure led by Szymon Szlendak. At the beginning, the participants were supposed to prepare steamed turkey breast in mango-curry sauce served with sugar snap peas and fried rice (the recipe is available HERE) As the top chef stressed out – this dish was to add energy and create a positive and slightly exotic atmosphere. While preparing the meal, the participants received practical culinary advice from Szymon Szlendak.  He shared his secret recipe – as he admitted – for juicy and aromatic turkey breast. He also mentioned that as a cook he appreciates turkey meat for its neutrality and delicate taste and smell, which he regards as its great culinary value.

Many participants also asked questions about various methods of processing and preparing turkey meat as well as the best flavour combinations. Bloggers also talked about their cooking experiences, sharing their own recipes.

The second dish planned for the meeting was turkey thigh rolls with dried tomato pesto and mushroom cassotto (the recipe is available HERE). As the top chef admitted, the choice of this recipe was to prove that a roll, perceived a demanding dish, can be prepared by everybody. A few tips can successfully help.

After cooking, there was time for tasting dishes and individual culinary photographic sessions of the participants. At the end of the meeting, each blogger received materials and specially prepared gift from the “Turkey from Europe – under the wings of quality” programme.