Meeting within the “Turkey from Europe – under the wings of quality” programme

On 5 March in the LIF restaurant in Warsaw, there was a meeting with media representatives concerning the “Turkey from Europe – under the wings of quality” programme.Its purpose was to discuss main assumptions of the campaign and to convey the latest nutritional knowledge concerning the poultry meat – particularly turkey meat – in a balanced diet. The following persons participated in the meeting: Dariusz Goszczyński– theCEO of the Polish Poultry Council – Chamber Of Commerce, Małgorzata Reszczyńska the programme coordinator and dr Joanna Neuhoff-Murawska a dietitian and the project expert.

The EU agricultural production and products manufactured within it are unique in many ways – especially in terms of quality and safety. Moreover, these values are becoming increasingly important for a contemporary consumer. One of the products which meets extremely demanding standards of the EU production is turkey meat. Due to the “Turkey from Europe – under the wings of quality” campaign, initiated by the Polish Poultry Council – Chamber Of Commerce (KRD-IG), this information may be distributed among consumers in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany.

At the press meeting devoted to the programme, journalists had the possibility to know closer the campaign initiator and the exact assumptions and implementation plan of the programme as well as to learn more about nutritional values of turkey meat.

As it was stressed by Dariusz Goszczyński – the CEO of KRD-IG – the purpose of the Chamber is to develop and modernise the Polish poultry industry and to protect interests of poultry farmers and producers and poultry meat processors. An extremely important aspect of the organisation’s activities is also the integration of the Polish poultry industry and its representation in relations with national authorities.

Małgorzata Reszczyńska – the programme coordinator – put a special emphasis on the educational aspect of the campaign, concerning nutritional values of turkey meat produced in the European Union and its quality. She stressed that the purpose of activities is to make consumers more aware of the “from farm to fork” philosophy, which results in the full control and transparency of each stage of turkey meat production. In order to present more accurately the market potential, Małgorzata Reszczyńska also referred to figures. As she mentioned, in 2017 Poland became the largest producer of turkeys, outrivaling Germany, and in 2019 the production of turkeys for fattening in our country was 500 thousand tonnes. The current campaign addressed to Polish, Czech and German consumers may make a crucial contribution to the increase in the consumption of turkey meat on these markets and to better informed purchasing decisions in terms of the product quality and origin.

The speech of dr Joanna Neuhoff-Murawska was an important part of the meeting. She discussed advantages of consuming turkey meat. As this dietitian mentioned, turkey meat is the source of many vitamins (e.g. B2, B3, B6, B12, D) and minerals as well as it may be widely used in daily menu. She also presented the review of current food pyramids and plates applicable in many European countries. She emphasised that meat occupies an important place in each of them. Joanna Neuhoff-Murawska conveyed many practical tips concerning the preparation of meals of family members, including the measurement of portion sizes of individual products or tips about the preparation of tasty and dishes rich in nutritions.

After the official part, there was a culinary feast for guests with turkey as the main part of dishes. The participants had an opportunity to try honey roasted turkey with cranberry sauce or canapés with turkey and vegetables. While discovering new flavours, the guests could have conversations with speakers at the main table and in an informal atmosphere.

Each representative of the media received a package of press materials and special gift from the “Turkey from Europe – under the wings of quality” programme.